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My Manakin Market Cooking Demo and Giveaway

This Saturday, May 18th, Tina and Stephanie will be at My Manakin Market in Manakin-Sabot from 10am to noon!  Today is actually Food Revolution Day (be sure to click the link and learn more about that!), so tomorrow we’ll be celebrating with our friend and client Lisa Dearden with a cooking demo at the market.

Lisa wrote the following on her blog:

“In honor of RVA Food Revolution Day, we are pleased to have Tina Shiver, MS of Lighten Up provide us with a chef’s demo!  Tina will be mixing quinoa (pronounced [“keen-wah”]), an ancient grain, with fresh veggies from the market to create a beautiful, healthy and easy-to-prepare dish.  […]  ChiknEGG’s Lisa Dearden has been working with Tina for years and has seen significant health changes due to the individual guidance and advice she has received using Tina’s unique functional food approach.”

There you have it!  We’ll be giving away samples of our tasty dish, you can talk to Tina and even win a free dietary consult.  The recipe made at the market will be posted for all you long-distance readers on Monday.  We look forward to seeing you Richmonders there!

Happy Food Revolution Day!

For more information on Lisa Dearden and ChicknEGG Productions, click here.

Fore more information on My Manakin Market, click here.

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East Coast Triathlon Festival and Race

This Sunday, May 5th,  there will be an exciting event right here in Richmond, Virginia!  The East Coast Triathlon (hosting elite and amateur athletes) is a full-day event with races for all ages.  We can thank Liberty University and Endorphin Fitness, among others, for this great event.

Look for Lighten Up’s booth with Tina Shiver, RD, and our good friend, supporter and triathlete Carol Hyatt.  We will be at the festival this Sunday from 7am to 3pm.  Tina and Carol have made some special treats for the occasion; they’ll of course be healthy, full of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats.  One lucky expo-goer will also win a free 60-minute nutritional consult with Tina!

Try samples of products we carry, like Endura: a fantastic drink that is full of potassium and helps with rehydration and decreasing lactic acid buildup, Fit Food Vegan Protein shakes, Bonk Breakers and sample healthy cookies and bars.

You’ll find us at 4600 Cox Road in 
Glen Allen, Virginia, 23060.  See you there!

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Would you rather have holiday food blues or more energy?

The six month food binge  begins before Halloween once you purchase the candy, then of course Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah followed by New Years Day splurge. You make the commitment to begin January 1st and before you know it you have been given candy for Valentine’s Day and here comes March and the Easter Bunny has arrived with a basket full of candy.

Well maybe that is a bit extreme, however,  we start thinking about food and dieting when the holidays begin. Some of these choices are not even thought out it’s just part of the tradition that you eat lots and lots of sugar right? I try and help people look at it a little differently.

Ask yourself how do you feel physically and emotionally? In other words if you continue to overeat during the holidays how low does your energy go and how are you setting yourself up for an emotional roller coaster ride of eventually feeling so blue that you can’t find the energy to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, you want to try and prevent gaining too much weight over the holidays, however if you can focus on other choices and how you feel then maybe you can overcome those holiday blues. Following are some tips that you may want to try:

  1. Eat before you go to an event, or go to the party and make a commitment to yourself to skip the appetizers and treat yourself to a nice dinner.
  2. Go for an extra 20-30 minutes of exercise on the days you know you are going to be going out to a party or out to dinner.
  3. Keep a food record so you will have an idea of how much food you are eating.
  4. Try and watch your alcohol consumption. Drink club soda with a splash of cranberry juice or limit it to one drink.
  5. Too much sugar tends to make you hungry and can also cause a lot of emotional swings. Make sure you eat fruit to help with sugar cravings.
  6. Try not to think “I’ll just go on that diet January 1.” You will set yourself up and this can lead to weight gain. Just make conscious choices. Remind yourself that if you overeat then you will probably feel tired and uncomfortable.
  7. And if you do overeat then do not starve yourself at the next meal or the next day. Just get back on track and choose healthier foods.

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