New Patients

What to Expect

Tina is currently taking new patients. Tina recommends three appointments in a row: the first is a 60-minute initial consult, from which the client will leave with their meal plan, ready to begin. Two 30-minute follow-ups will be at two-week intervals, where the client will be encouraged to ask any questions they may have about their meal plan and report to Tina on their progress. At this time Tina may go over recipe ideas, grocery lists, tips on eating out, or any other questions that may come up at this time. The meal plan may also be adjusted and further customized based on the client�������s needs. Depending on the nature of your condition more follow up appointments may be required. Tina will discuss your overall treatment plan after your initial appointment.

 What to Bring

Prepare to bring with you the new Patient Intake Form and five days’ worth of food journaling that includes any medications, supplements or vitamins you’re currently taking.
If insurance is covering this appointment we will also need a diagnosis code from your physician.


Download the Intake Form


Tina accepts Cigna and United Healthcare.

Reimbursement may be provided to you if you are under another healthcare plan, so be sure to mention at checkout that you need documentation to submit to your insurance provider.